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Medieval Markets

It is a medieval market full of magic, where horse jousting transports you to times of bravery and honor. Eagles and owls add a touch of enigma to the atmosphere, musicians liven up the atmosphere, while stilt walkers take the fun to new heights. Our storytellers will envelop you in captivating narratives while you enjoy the best catering that will satisfy your senses. Every detail is designed to immerse you in a world of wonder and excitement.

 Fire Shows: Igniting Passions and Emotions

Our fire specialty brings an explosion of energy and dazzling skill to your events. With artists who handle fire with grace and skill, our jugglers and dancers with fire will take you on a hypnotic journey. If you are looking for a fiery and spectacular touch, our fire service is the perfect choice.

Dinner or Party Theming: Creating Dream Realities

Do you want your events to be a reflection of your favorite imaginative worlds? Let us bring your fantasies to reality. From an enchanted forest populated by fairies and elves to the exciting and nostalgic setting of the American mafia of the 80s, our team of creatives will transform your ideas into captivating environments.

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